Specialized teacher of Spanish

Who I am?

Hello. My name is Maria Luisa and I am a graduate in Spanish Philology, History and Art. I have a Master’s in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. In addition, I am accredited by the Cervantes Institute as an examiner for the official DELE exam. I have more than 15 years of experience as a  Spanish as a foreign language teacher in language academies such as Inlingua, the Cervantes Institute and also at university. I taught Spanish for 4 years at Ingolstadt's University in Germany and for more than 4 years on several online platforms.

I offer Spanish classes for foreigners, for both general and specific purposes and to all the levels and ages. I’m specialised in preparing  and accompanying my students to pass their official DELE exams or any other Spanish certificate or examination at any level. Up to today my students have always had 100 % success rates in these tests. I’ve also spent years teaching Spanish from 0, or reviewing it with students who have forgotten it in conversation or grammar classes.

My schedule is very flexible and I adapt to all of my clients’ needs so that they are able to reach their goals in the least amount of time possible. If you are afraid or lack confidence in speaking Spanish or have doubts about tackling the feared DELE exam…or even if  you are afraid of confronting boring grammar, we will help you to remove this fear and to speak Spanish easily. You will love the  Spanish language and you will pass the official DELE exams. Learn Spanish in a different way- from home, wherever and whenever you  want! I offer entertaining classes with educational and tailored material.