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Preparation Courses For Dele Exam A1. 10 Lessons.


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Are you interested in taking the DELE exam? Our  preparation courses will help you familiarize yourself with it and help you to pass them without any issues. It doesn’t matter which level you want to pass. Our specialist teachers will teach you all the ins and outs of the exam and will provide you with all the necessary tools to pass them.

Afraid of not being able to pass the DELE exam? Having problems with the written part of the exam, aren’t fluent enough or have the confidence to speak? If you need the DELE certificate, do not worry. We you will solve all your doubts about the exam (registration, parts of the exam, topics) and we will help to you pass it. Our teachers are official DELE examiners and know the exam to perfection. We have extensive experience in preparing our students for the ‘Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma’ (DELE) exams and up to today we have had an 100 % pass rate. No matter the level you wish to take (A1,A2, B2, C1, C2) we will prepare you so you can acquire the techniques necessary to pass each part of the exam

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